Mahmout Diop

Mahmout DIOP

Can you tell us a bit about you ? Background and professional journey

I am Mahmouth Diop. I hold a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Management from Sup De Co Dakar and a Master’s degree in Business Administration in Finance from Arkansas State University in the United States. After completing my education, I gained four years of business experience in the U.S. Upon returning to my home country, I joined Dakar Offshore as a Logistics and Procurement Coordinator in January 2021.


Why did you chose Dakar Offshore ?

Dakar Offshore presents a significant opportunity for me to develop my potential in management and leadership, gain professional experience in the support services of the oil and gas industry, and work for an expanding company in this field.

Can you describe your journey within Dakar Offshore ? 

At Dakar Offshore, I am gaining valuable experience in team management, logistics, and supply chain operations. This opportunity has allowed me to develop strong skills in planning and organization, communication and decision making. I am excited to continue expanding my knowledge and expertise in this field while contributing to the growth of the company.


What does your job entail and which challenges do you face in your daily ops ? 
I coordinate the daily logistics and procurement operations, including processing and executing related requests to meet client needs in a timely and quality manner. However, I face challenges related to time management due to stumbling blocks that arise during our daily operations.


Which corporate value(s) do you most admire at Dakar Offshore ? 

I admire the fact that at Dakar Offshore, everyone values each other’s opinions and has the capacity or willingness to listen and solve issues.

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