Since 1989 : A timeline of experience

Repositioned in 2007, and operating today in the MSGBC area, Dakar Offshore is a leading regional service provider in the oil and gas sector. We provide first-class support services and solutions that combine safety and reliability in the very challenging West Africa oil and gas environment. We always strive to provide our customers and partners with transparency and professionalism through highly skilled and trained individuals with a full understanding of Industry standards.

Dakar Offshore experience and regional footprint gives us a full understanding of our working environment and consequently allows us to offer to our partners a wide range of integrated services. We are committed to providing end-to-end tailored services designed for the unique needs of our clients.



Founder experience through CATT-Logistic Services offered: Customs clearance Freight forwarding services Bonded warehousing Transport/delivery of goods

2000 - 2007

First major contract in oil logistics, managing from 2000 to 2007, from the port of Dakar, the only logistical support contract for drilling projects in Guinea-Bissau and seismic studies in the area Senegal/Guinea-Bissau partition .


Diversification of services and sectors served: mining & energy sectors.

2019 - 2020

Construction of one the biggest onshore base to support oil and gas operations in Senegal.

2020- 2023

Expansion of the logistics fleet & client portfolio (SSB, SPIE, SILS, Halliburton). . Strategic partnerships with companies such as : ORSEN (Friedlander-Ortec, Tiger Offshore, Teranga Oil & Gas)


Specialization in logistic base construction and facility management

Dakar Offshore “ 7 Commandments ” to create and deliver value

Dakar offshore ultimate objective is to deliver value from our people, assets and systems for the benefit of all our stakeholders. We are constantly guided by 7 commandments which always guide us in providing world-class support services for the benefit of our clients and partners.