Facility Construction and Project Management

The construction of sector-related facilities has its specific features because of the necessity of development in a remote distance from industrial centers areas.

Our in-house team of engineers and industry experts, wheter for the oil & gas, mining or energy sector, has strong experience in designing, establishing, operating and maintaining full sector-related infrastructure including:

● Constructs oil loading facilities, oil depots, tanks and tank farms.
● Installs trunk and process and utility pipelines, caries out construction and installation works.
● Constructs buildings and facilities (Offices, Workshop facilities, Storage facilities, Wash-bay facilities, Communication and IT services)
● Applies comprehensive corrosion protection of steel structures.
● Implements commissioning.

While achieving the targets Dakar Offshore pays attention to all the details and the details of the production process and the company is responsible for each stage of construction. All this allows the company to build complex objects, which service life is calculated for decades.